12 Hours to Nashville

Although I was sad that Sheena could not join me for the road trip down, my Mom was a great sub in for the drive.  The mother-daughter bonding time was going to be fun anyways. 

(And for Sheena…JURY DUTY SUCKS…I wish you weren’t called for the job but I will see you soon regardless.)

The drive down was only 12 hours…but the truckers scared me to death.  They are flying at 75 down the highway.  The speed limit is set at a minimum of 70 MPH in most places. I just don’t think my poor little Taurus can handle those speeds.  I just want to get to the state with my car in one piece.  The poor thing is from 2004! Pray for my car.  I’m from Buffalo…minimum of 70 MPH just doesn’t happen.  I felt like I was in that horror movie with the crazy trucker who attacked people with his 16 wheeler.  Welcome to the South!!

As I went further down, It was pretty apparent I was getting to a more southern area.  The collection of anti-liberal stickers on bumpers of pick up trucks became more frequent.  There was also the occasional spotting of the confederate flag…I guess this is something I’m going to have to get use to. haha.  I spotted a really great “Hardcore Republican” bumper sticker.  Thanks for letting me know!!! 

We got to Nashville safe and sound.  We ate at this really great place with tons of taxidermy  animals and a real indoor pond with the biggest catfish i’d ever seen.  I’m not really about shooting stuff but this place was fun!

Now I’m here at the hotel…ready for tomorrow.  We’re off to New Orleans for two days!!! 


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