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My mother likes sports more than any other person I know…if its not golf on TV its football. Since we were in the area, we HAD to stop at the University of Alabama.  I like college campuses myself so I was interested in seeing how different it was from West Virginia …LET’S GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!

Well as expected, the campus was beautiful and did resemble Dub-V in some aspects.  The buildings looked liked my sophomore dorm.  It was beautiful there.  Big oaks lined the trees and they had a beautiful quad all prepped for the homecoming football game this weekend!  I thought I had seen a big bon fire about to be set at WVU…I was clearly wrong.  They had crates stacked 40 ft in the air ready to burn…too bad there were no couches.  The stadium was a highlight too.  That thing was huge ( and very impressive!) They had statues for all the coaches.  Football is KING in Alabama.

As I assumed, their campus was very different than my alumni. I made some interesting observations though…

1.  ATTIRE:  99% of the girls on campus didn’t dress up.  Their uniform consisted of short gym shorts or jean shorts paired with a boxey long mens tee.  The shirt went to the edge of the shorts. Reminded me of a shacker outfit.  I also saw a lot of Tevas on them.  I guess I assumed that the southern schools would be pearls and polo types.  I was very wrong.  They classify it as “comfy chic.”  My mom also said that she rocked that look when she was in college in the 70’s.

The guys were total preppsters. Not an edge to them.  NOBODY wore jeans…well most didn’t.  Tons of khakis and golf shirts. They liked their boat shoes as well. I’m not thrown off by that…I assumed that’s their style.  I did not see one Elmwood/ hipster type on campus.

All in all, the clothing was extremely causal.  I was surprised.

FRAT ROW/SORORITY ROW:   The houses were huge and beautiful…but had the same look to them.  At WVU, they all had a different look.  I thought of it as model home building for greek life.

ON A SIDE NOTE:  While leaving the campus, I saw the combo bumper sticker I thought I would see.  It involved God, guns, pro life, and anti Obama.  Cant say i’m surprised.  I’m in the wrong territory for being a liberal.  I do, however, give them kudos for getting all their core beliefs in on one tiny sticker.  Pretty good republicans…pretty good!

Now its on to the next one…next stop, NEW ORLEANS!!!!


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