On the road again to N’awlins…



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The ride to New Orleans from The University of Alabama started out in a pretty awesome way…we got on road right next to the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck! Little things really get me going.  We also had to get gas.  The task is pretty mundane most of the time but today it was not.  The gas here cost us 3.18 a gallon.  Going further down the road, I saw signs for 2.99 per gallon.  Seriously??? This is like manna from heaven.  Compared to the 3.93 a gallon I paid in buffalo weekly this is such a financial relief.  I’M NOT WORTHY IM NOT WORTHY!  4 hours later, after driving through Mississippi, we crossed into Louisiana.  We eventually made it to New Orleans at 9:00 pm.  It took long but totally worth it.  We ended up staying at the French Market Inn right next to the Mississippi River water front area.  Once we got ready, we hit up the French Quarter.

We wandered to a dueling piano bar in the French Quarter.  I couldn’t imagine my Mom hanging in a bar  playing  hip hop or spinning the lastest electrontic songs!?  Get out those glow sticks! The guys played Country Roads, Billy Joel, and all the other stuff my Mom loves. Who doesn’t love the classic songs though?! “Sing me a song, you’re the piano man!”  It was an awesome first pick for her.  She loved it. The bathrooms were fantastic.  It had a great door for the ladies bathroom.  She looked like a classy lady.  After the classy bathroom, we wandered down the street to a jazz bar, open container in hand.  I got some great stuff from the jazz band.  They were so good.  New Orleans Jazz at its best! I got yelled at though for filming … woops! Hah, I escaped before my stuff got taken away.  Mom found this cover band in this club after rocking Black Eyed Peas “ I got a feelin’  .“  She loved it…she said it was a song from her ski club.  Oh that ski club! We didn’t get too crazy though, I guess I’m kind of a loser though because I didn’t get CRAZY and WASTED in a city designed to get you totally drunk.  Call me weird but I don’t want to be a waste case in front of my Mom.  Haha


One thought on “On the road again to N’awlins…

  1. It sounds like you had so much fun. I love New Orleans especially the dueling piano bar. Love the pics I can’t believe you saw the Oscar Myers mobile. That is so fun. Miss you!!!!

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