The O’D Girls and the day tour of The Big Easy



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Since we left a bit early for this trek to Austin, we had an extra day to relax.  Where else but New Orleans!?

We woke up kinda late…9 AM.  There are literally no windows in this hotel room.  How are we to know the time it is if we get no sunlight from windows?   It’s completely dangerous now that I really think about it. We’d be in trouble if anything caught fire.  We got distracted by the discount on our room.  I guess we’ll take a chance and keep our primo location in the French Quarter!  But getting back to the “sleeping in late” part … it was only 9AM.  That is completely ridiculous…

After ” sleeping in late,” we hit the streets of the French Quarter.  It was sunny and hot.  Loved every minute of it.  It was cool to see the buildings without hundreds of drunks in front of them.  The pretty vibrant colors of the buildings were cheerful and full of life. The amazing raw iron carved fences decorated the porches. The beads were present from last nights parties.  I love how they keep the city true to its original form and don’t try to modernize the area.  It is so beautiful.

My Mom wanted to see the Garden District of the city so we took a street car over to that area.  They were old , wooden, and  very noisy.  They probably run the same as they had back when were first created.  I felt like I was stepping onto a piece of history.  It was really fun…and my feet were sick of moving themselves! Driver…TAKE ME TO THE GARDEN DISTRICT!  When we got there, I was in love with all the houses.  So pretty and Victorian. The Spanish Oak covered the streets.  We even found the smallest library! It was the cutest thing…take a book…return it when your done.  Oh I love the honor system.  They called the “Little Free Library.”

As we wandered around the neighbourhood, I stumbled upon the classic New Orleans Grave Yards.  I told my mother I HAD to see this when we came here.  It was so crazy b/c the graves were all above the ground.  When your city sits below sea level, I guess you can’t be burying another person 6 ft lower! They had graves for whole families dating back to the early 1800’s.  Every family had a great name…Valentine, Bourdeux, ect. A lot of the older generations of the families rarely made it past 26 years old.  There were also one too many that died below 5 years old.  Can’t say i’m surprised, their idea of helping someone numb the pain while amputating their arm was giving the person a ton of whisky.  I don’t think sooo!  Little Geico geckos were all over the cemetery.  I didn’t know that they lived in these parts. I was also disappointed when he didn’t ask me if I wanted to save 15% on my car insurance.  Terrible salesman!

After looking at dead people, we went to a more lively spot.  We journeyed to the French Market area.  We drank café au laits and ate the famous beignets at the Café Du Monde.  All that powdered sugar all over those warm flaky donuts were sooo yummy.  ( On a side note, it also looked like a scene from Scarface.)  If you’ve never eaten one of these…find them and eat one!!!  We wandered into the market and heard jazz music, looked over, and there was a swing dance competition! These people could move.  We couldn’t stop watching.  They were so amazing.  They just kept coming…pair after pair.  I’m coordinated but I could not do what they were doing.   We also watched a jazz band play in a town square.  It embodied the spirit of the city.

The day was so great.  We walked all over and really saw what New Orleans was all about.


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