Safe Travels!!!

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As we arrived to Alana’s house outside Austin and walked in her doors, we were greeted by her cute doggies Ziggy and Birdie.  It’s really nice to see Alana and Jer.  I love having Buffalo connections here. It will make it feel like a home away from home .  We can all chat about missing Elmwood and Spot Coffee when we miss it.

I couldn’t help but feel excited and anxious at the same time.  This is real.  My life is changing so much and its for the better.  I had a dream to go to Texas and I’m actually doing it.  It is so bizarre and exciting and scary at the same time.

My mom wanted to see the city a bit so we toured a bit before she was dropped at the airport.  We walked around the capital building ( if you did not know, Austin is the capital of Texas.  Now you know. )  We wandered around Congress and 6th street too.  She really liked the city and I’m glad I could show her what I wanted for so long.  I cant wait to show everyone else what Austin, TX has to offer a young professional : ) It’s a great place with so much potential.

Sadly, it was time to drop my Mom off at the airport.  I’m was sad to see her go but I know I made a great life changing decision.  I’m going to love Austin and my future is here.

Here is some advice if you want something different with your life…

If you’re unhappy with something, change it.  It’s never too late to adjust your life and follow your dreams.  It’s terrifying and scary but just DO IT! At least you tried if it doesn’t work out.


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