They can drive 80MPH in Texas!?!?

IMG_2935  IMG_2941


As we left New Orleans, I realized that our Mother-Daughter Southern road trip adventure was close to the end. She was going to head back to Buffalo in a day.  Its was weird to think that the last link of my family was going to be at least 1700 miles away from me but I knew it was coming.  I had a great trip with her and I will remember it forever : )

Driving through Louisiana was a bit nerve wracking.  Since LA is basically a huge swamp, the highways are all build over raised water! There were probably alligators crawling all over that place.  I don’t even want to think about if a car flew over the divider.

Finally…we reached Texas.  It seems like it took forever.  Driving through Texas was also long and longer and flat.  I was stunned to read that drive 80 MPH in the state.  Does my car even reach 80? It’s an almost 10 year old Ford Taurus.  We stuck with 70 and let people give us dirty looks. The gas stations also had a fun food choices and arranged their beer in a really fabulous way.

After a long 8 hours…we reached the destination point.  We drove from Lake Erie to Austin, TX.  It took us 4 days and a few disagreements but we finally made it.  What a trip!


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