New Beginings…

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Saying bye to Mom was tough, it was time to put my nose to the grindstone.  I was alone, unemployed, and couch surfing until I got an apartment. I guess that means I was technically “homeless.”  Eeeek!  But It was only the first week of my Austin move, so I was going to have some fun.

The first week was good.  I had an interview Monday ( I never heard from them BTW.) That’s OK.  I’ll take an interview on the first day of the job hunt. Someone said that it will take a month to get a job but that’s stupid.  The week was mostly filled with job hunts , Nick’s Oktberfest gathering at Bangers, and ACL that coming weekend.  It was a great introduction to Austin.

Nick’s bar pick was on Rainey street.  It was called Bangers.  kasia, Ron, Nick, and I went.  All the Buffalo refugees.  Rainey is a street made up of Allentown like style bars.  The bars have great outdoor patios and designed out of old cottages.  The oldest one is called Lustre Pearl.  It’s an awesome street.  The only problem was I was way too dressed up for the street.  I’m in love with the Rainey Street bars.  Laid back, fun, good drinks, and much like the Allentown I miss and love 🙂

Before I even got to TX, Kasia surprised me with a fabulous gift. She got me a wristband to the Austin City Limits Music festival!!!  This is such a big deal.  It was going to be my 7th festival in 5 years.  I guess that a bit excessive. I don’t care.  On Friday, I bid Alana and Jer farewell for a few days and traveled off to Kasia’s.

Ron, Kasia, Nick, and I all went to ACL.  it was going on for 3 days.  I was excited to see Kaskade, Bright Light Social Hour, Vampire Weekend (!!!), The Cure, Depeshe Mode, and others.  The festival was really different than the other ones I’ve been to.  LOTS of kids and it was really a family oriented place!  I saw a little boy bopping and dancing along to Vampire Weekend.  Super cute.  My friend Brian  from Buffalo was even working the Samsung Booth!  There was no smoking allowed at the park.  There was also not a boat load of drunks.  It was hot but it was really well done!  The  2nd day of the festival it poured right as we left the Cure…There was flash flooding it was so bad.  CRAZY.  I’m in new weather patterns and issues.  No more blizzards ( just flash floods.)  I never knew they were so dangerous.

Due to the flash floods, Sunday at ACL was cancelled.  BOOOO.  I understood though.  I was bummed I was going to miss Phoenix. Instead Kasia suggested we go to the Bills Backer bar at the Rattle inn!  There were tons of Bills fans there.  Although we lost….I had a fun and they had an amazing food truck next store…yum yum pulled pork BBQ sang wich.  If you ever need to find a Bills game in Austin, Rattle inn is your spot.

I’m excited about my future in Austin and see it only going up from this point on. Until next time…



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