The Adventure continues…with a few job offers!!!

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The next week after ACL, was extremely exciting. I had 2 interviews this week.  I got one of the jobs but not sure the outcome of the second interview.  I would prefer the second job because, frankly, it pays more (AND I’d get my own office.  I want my own office PLEASE!)  I won’t find out about the second job until this coming Tuesday.  I got the first job at the Better Business Bureau.  Worse comes to worse, I’ll at least be working somewhere soon.

The weekend was remotely laid back.  Nothing really happened until Saturday. My fellow Buffalo Ex-Pats, Ron and Kasia, suggested we go to Dogtoberfest at the mall in the morning.  Basically it was a ton of cute pups wandering around the outdoor mall in Halloween costumes.  It was a bit too much (too much cute-ness.)  As avid dog lovers, Ron and Kasia dressed up their mini wieners too.  The Boss was the Big Bad Wolf and Daisy was Little Red Riding Hood.  It was funny at this event…you’d notice all the corgi owners in a group at one point.  There would be at least 4 corgis conjuring together.  There was a group of 6 great Danes wandering around the malls pathways.  Even the wieners got into the group action.  They all had costumes on, it was very adorable.

In the Afternoon, I set off to an event called Critter Fest.  It was a party Jeremiah’s friend had done for 3 years.  They brew their own beer and cook animal meat.  The meat was T A S T Y BTW.  The beer at the party was from the Austin Brewing Company.  It’s a small local company but the beers were great!  The cider was fantastic and Oranatang something tasted like a blue moon.  They need to get that stuff in the bars/restaurants stat! They’d make a lot of dinero on it.  I couldn’t stay too long bc Jill wanted to celebrate my job success.  How was I to say no to a night on the town?!

This was my first Saturday night out in Austin.  I hadn’t been out on the town on a weekend night before! (Hard to believe, I know.)  Since Jill never saw the East Side of Austin, she wanted to check it out.  Obviously, I had never been there either so I was excited to see how it’s different from Rainey and 6th street.  The East Side is considered their “Brooklyn of Austin.”  Everyone wants a piece of it.  It reminded me of Allentown…I felt at home.  Funky spots with outdoor patios.

Our First stop was a place called Whistler. Super cute.  Really fun AND had exotic cocktails.  I didn’t get one and the one I tried from Jill was WAY too spicy.  Yeah…I’m going to have to adjust to this “spicy thing” now, I am in Texas.

After Whistler, Jill’s boyfriend Duane, wanted to go to a place called White Horse.  This place was FUNNNKKYYYY.  It was like the Pink and a honkey tonk bar made a baby!  They had a country band playing and it was so fun to watch the people two step.  Duane tried to show me this “two step” business”…yeah right.   Maybe some other day…Leaving the bar there were literally 2 horses tied up at the no parking sign.  They actually looked like they were in pain.  It was actually sad.  Their owners tied their poor horses up so tight.  I guess someone said they were calling animal control on the owners.  Go good Samaritans!



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