Since I’ve been here for about two weeks, I’ve been picking up on the differences between the place I left and the place that I think is my future. Here we go…

Topic: Traffic


Buffalo: Oh ya know, it takes 20 mins to get anywhere.  There’s no problem getting anywhere.

Austin: Bumper to bumper.  Yeah, I live in a city with an busload of traffic now.  It’s the people like me moving to the area every day that contribute to that. I’ll take the blame. It’s not the worst but I also haven’t been late for work yet due to “traffic.” I’m sure it will grate my nerves eventually.

Topic: Jobs

Buffalo : Huh? Jobs? They hire people for good jobs in Buffalo?

Austin: This is like the land of opportunity in TX.  All over TX good jobs are hiring.  Its like the promise land for those struggling to find their “place” in career-ville.  You can find a great jobs here ( and make more money too!) No depressed state in this Texas economy.

Topic: Food ( Although both places have deeelish food, there are differences.)

Buffalo: Buffalo has amazing food.  I miss the wings, pizza, jims, Wegmans, and all the GREEK RESTAURANTS! Oh yeah and beef on weck too.  I don’t trust pizza and wings here.  I will wait until I visit buffalo for that.  I also have yet to find a Greek diner that makes a killer souvlaki yet.  I haven’t even seen a greek restaurant yet.  I miss those.

Austin: The Mexican and BBQ is amaaaazing…even at the basic chains around the area.  I think I wont be suffering too much as long as I have the good BBQ and Mexican 🙂

Topic: Gas Prices

Buffalo:  It went up again?  It’s almost 4 dollars a gallon??? WTF  It took me 60 dollars to fill up my tank. UGH.

Austin: What? It’s $3.05/ gallon.  It only cost me $45.00 to fill my big ass Taurus today.  That is a lot of money saved on gasoline!!!  I LOVE THEIR GAS PRICES!!!

Topic: Fashion

Buffalo: I could be dressier in Buffalo.  I loved dressing up!

Austin:  It’s VERY casual here.  This is a good and a bad thing. Yeah, you don’t have to look like your going to Las Vegas every weekend but if you look too dressed up in certain spots, people judge. I saw their eyes.  LOL I’m not really concerned about being too dressed up if I want to be but I know it’s not really the norm.  I love putting on new fancy and colorful things! I don’t think it will stop me from rocking a fuchsia pink blazer! I wouldn’t suggest 4 inch stilettos on rainey thou. Try  another area in Austin if you want to rock those! To be honest though, It’s kinda awesome to know you can go to certain areas looking like a bum and nobody will judge you for it 🙂

Topic: Weather

Buffalo: According to my Mother today, ” Winter is coming…it was freezing today.” It’s also not gloomy here very much.  I’m digging the abundance of sun. I do not think i’m going to miss winter either.  I was sick of scraping my car off.

Austin: Its cold in the AM, but once 12 pm rolls around…I’m rocking a tee-shirt and no jacket.  I saw men running shirtless at 6:30 pm today.  God Bless Texas!!! SO YES, It may be warmer and drier here BUT when it rains its RAINS.  It’s flash flood warning, buckets dumping on your car rain.  It’s so bad, cars get swept away in into ditches if you hit the wrong spot.   Driving in this pouring rain is absolutely insane.  You can feel the car not touching the pavement sometimes.  You can barely see in front of you.  Anxiety city! I haven’t hydroplane yet but I knew there was potential to a couple of times. t can also get to 100 degrees or so here.  I haven’t had this happen to me  this yet, but I’m sure I’m going to hate it and stay indoors as much as possible.

Topic: Pets in Public Places

Buffalo: I didn’t see it TOO often but when I did, I loved it.  A friends mother once brought her dogs in the pink once.  I thought it was cute 🙂

Austin:  Dogs are let almost anywhere in the city.  One bar called bangers has a mini dog park set up in the back of the bar.  You’ll see random pups wander into the bar on a leash and watch their owners play pong for a bit.  It’s sweet.

Topic: The Toll Roads

Buffalo:  Simple and straightforward.  People work at them…you get a ticket, then pay for the toll sometime later down the road.  EASY PEASY.

Austin:  You see the toll road sign…but nobody works in the booth?!  You drive under this camera thing here they send you the fee.  OK, so if I’m not in a permanent address getting my mail forwarded are there penalties for not paying it on time.  Why have the freaking road if NOBODY is in the booth. UGH its very annoying. I’d rather pay it up front!

Topic: Speed Limit

Buffalo :  70 is the max…most roads are 65.  I thought that as normal.


Austin: The highest I’ve seen is 80…80! Jesus.  Most roads I drive on daily now and 70 or 75.  That’s still crazy b/c I see tons of accidents.  Why set the speed so high if people are always crashed on the side of the road?   OYE, I sound like a responsible adult.  What is so crazy though is despite this fight they had to make this insanely high speed limit the law, people either drive 10 above it or 10 below it.  It’s Mario Andretti or your 80 year old grandma driving around you.  If it says 70 drive 70  or 75 (not 65 or 85.) You fought for this crazy ass speed limit…drive it!

I’m sure I could go on for days…but that’s all I have for now.  Until next time


3 thoughts on “ATX VS BFLO

  1. Hey…Sure glad you’re loving Austin. But home roots run deep and you’ll eventually miss all the finer points of Buffalo…gray skis in Nov., high heat bills in winter, wearing boots all the time, freezing your bum off at night when you leave friends to head home, shoveling snow. And of course the official chicken wings and B&J pizza. Go Bills!!! Love ya.

  2. hey Girl sounds so exciting. I would go crazy if I couldn’t get over dressed! I guess you found a city where my policy “you can never be to over dressed” doesn’t work. I would still do it though. Bring on those glairs!! :-). Happy your experiencing something new! Can I bring Ries to the bar?

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