Bums, Breakfast Tacos, and Rain Storms of Biblical Proportions

I learn more about Austin every day.  Here’s more stuff I’ve observed…


You can see them under the overpass towards the top right of the foto

You can see them under the overpass towards the top right of the foto…that back pack is marking one of the bums spots to get money!

Every city has poor/ homeless people.  I was going to be one of them if I didn’t find a job! There are a lot of them here but they are a bit different from the ones I knew in Buffalo.  There seems to be so many more! ( it’s also a lot warmer in these parts. ) If I were going to be homeless, i’d pick Austin too.  Maybe San Diego in the summers months, it’s too hot here for the summer months to hang out outside all day! The homeless here are all over…You see them in groups on street corner benches.  You also always see them on the exits of expressways by the lights.  They always have a sign that says ” I need food….god bless.”  I understand if you have mental problems but some of these people held a job before.  One man’s sign said ” Laid off…please help.”  If the man was laid off, he probably can get another job…there are a lot of options.  I lose sympathy for people like him. In my opinion, he’s just lazy. Able minded people go and get jobs.  You do the same.   To be honest though, this is the most awkward and awful feeling. You see these person begging for change on the side of the road, being completely honest they don’t have a dime to their name, and you look away from them and drive past them.  You feel the guilt…It’s so uncomfortable sometimes.  I felt so horrible for the man with the broken leg limping in a cast by the entrance ramp light one day. I gave him my chicken mcnuggets and the rest of my change.  It’s the people like that that make me want to succeed.  I don’t want to be that. There but for the grace of God I’m here and they’re begging for change on the side of the road.



On to a more positive note, the breakfast taco is fantastic!!! I do not know why this hasn’t spread across the nation! It’s AMAZING.  Everyone is obsessed with them here and now I am too.  People wait in insanely long lines for these yummy tacos for your AM meal! I could probably eat at least 3 in one sitting but I won’t. I recommend Tacodeli in North Austin close to Duval Rd.  Get the sirloin egg and cheese with fresh avocado! DE-LISH!




HERE IS THE ARTICLE- http://news.msn.com/us/3-dead-after-halloween-storms-bring-major-flooding

I realize I may have spoken about this before but the rainstorms are CRAZY out here.  Its like God striking down on the Earth. You get weather warnings on your phone.  It’s insane.   There’s flash flooding and cars get swept off the road. Just a few days ago, 2 ppl died in the Austin area because of the rain storm! One man got trapped in his car when it went off the road into a ditch.  He drowned.  The flood waters got so high around Lake Austin, it rose 3 ft and almost covered the sculpture dt.  The picture is insane!! It’s so scary.  I hope to God I’m never in a flash flood situation like that, it seems terrifying.


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