Changes, Changes, Changes…AND IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!!

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 IMG_3160  <—  Ghost Orb? WTF is that?!

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So it was Halloween week…VERY exciting. I will get to that later but first I want to talk about the boring stuff…

My butt has been hitting the pavement looking for a job.  I’ve been pretty successful getting interviews and even a few job offers.  I quit the first job before I even started it bc I wanted to work the other job  I thought was in the bag! I was told I could get my acceptance letter once he checked my references.  It was mine! Or so I thought… It was quite a shock when I heard that offer for the second offer wasn’t going to happen. He had the three previous people he interviewed accept the job and now there was no room for me. I was unaware of any of this and extremely miffed that this was managed in such an unprofessional way.   The manager told me the spots got filled after I quit job 1.

After I got over my bitching and moaning of losing that opportunity,  I went back to the drawing board and searched again.  I still lacked and FT and PT job.  I went to Macy’s, my go-to , and got a great PT gig.  I’m going to be a holiday manager at the store!!! I can only handle 15 hours a week max. It will still be a good job though.  I can do that job in my sleep.  I also interviewed at a start up sales company from Denver, Colorado.  I got the job!!! I’m pretty excited and scared about it.  I think I can do it.  The place is called The Austin Focus. They were looking for account managers.  It’s a direct marketing/sales job. The job would consist of me doing QVC style sales at Sam’s Club stores located around Austin.   It’s base or performance based pay.  They sell a variety of items.  It’s a small company but there’s so much potential to be successful.  I’m planning on getting to that stage where I’m making good money and living the life I dreamed for so long! I know how to talk to people and sell things in Macy’s setting, I could totally get this.  It’s just a different way to sell! Send me positive vibes!

And if getting two jobs wasn’t exciting enough, it was HALLOWEEN weekend ( WELL, I chose to celebrate the weekend before opposed to the weekend after.) I hate when Halloween is mid week!!!! So many decisions to make! Is this or next week the better week to celebrate????  My ideal costume wasn’t possible.  I was focused on job hunts and not creative costumes this year.  I wanted to make the “mom that shops” sticker that goes with the annoying family stickers on the back of that suburban van.  I didn’t know how I’d create that in 4 days.  I decided I was going to make it easy for myself and be a tennis player.  I liked it all the same.  It was fun.  Someone asked me when the match was starting!

With Racket in hand, I was headed out to see the masses of people decked out in Halloween garb, or so I thought. Jill, her b/f Duane, his friends, and I went to a concert at Mohawk.  We saw Phantogram! They were great! But nobody was really dressed up. Eh, it would have been more fun if I saw more costumes but I love Halloween and will  dress up…even if i’m 80 🙂  The best costume I saw walking down the street was a 7 ft big bad wolf! It was amazing!

Later in the week, on the 30th of October, We ( Ron, Kasia, Boss, Daisy, and I) went to the 2nd street dog walk and trick or treat event! All the pups were dressed up and we had a blast seeing the other pups.  I gotta say, the Boss and Daisy were quite a hit!!! Who wouldn’t love cute weiner dogs dressed up and a banana and a gorilla !?  Ron was a bad-ass stelph ninja.  Kasia was a Geisha.  I was a bad tennis player today…It looked like I had been slammed by tennis balls hit by Serena Wlliams! They had treats for the dogs and us.  Kasia and I got a martini drink on our trick or treating adventure!!! We got offered beer and Tito’s at another shop! OH HAPPY HALLOWEEEEN TO US!


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