Hook ’em Horns!!!

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❤ the bathrooms! Reads, “if you are a man, use the urinal, Ladies don’t like to sit in Urine.   -MGMT ”

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I know, I went to WVU.  That’s my alum and I should cheer for no other.  In my defense, I went to a sponsored tailgate with Jill and Duane.  I am in Texas.  I will not be able to escape the Hook ’em Horn football.  Plus, I love a good pre-party ! As long as I am in Austin, I wont be able to escape the Hook ’em fever.  But I will have you know, If you are playing WVU, I am cheering for my Mountaineers!! I will always love my Mounties!

Since I have only been to a West Virginia tailgate, I HAD to find out how the Hook ’em horns did it.   The WVU tailgating was a bit more rugged and wild (or was I a bit drunker and much younger  back in the day? Hm…I don’t know.)  ETA to a tailgate was about 10 am.  You HAD to get there early! No excuses!  Early bird catches the Natty ( AND bc the PRT got REALLY crowded by 11.  You would be waiting in that stupid line forever!)  We had a blast running from tailgate spot to tailgate spot. I remember the beer bongs, and tables of beer pong at every other lot space.  It was chaotic un-responsible fun. Usually, I was pooped by 5 PM.  The gang went too hard.  I also remember log rolling down a grassy hill bc I thought it would be fun.  It was, obviously.  On a sour note, some of the WVU students were really mean to opposing rival teams.  I saw verbal abuse and even some beer cans thrown at them! Not the most mature thing to do.  I’m not proud of that but it happened.

When I got to the UT tailgate, I discovered that it was really fun yet SO organized. It was like mature tailgating.  So adult of us.  There was even a set up bar with free shwag ( they gave away coozies.)  How could you not love it!? There were multiple sponsored events.  People could buy wrist bands and pay to get into different sponsored parties. I also didn’t see “drunks” like in my wild college days.  We’re all adults now who know how to have fun without chugging bottle after bottle.  Another observation was how nice the UT fans were to the opposing team for the day ( Oklahoma State University.) They don’t taunt or treat the other team poorly as our peers did when I was a undergrad.  They invite them in the tailgate and offer them a beer! During a conversation with a UT alum, he said he was in Morgantown last weekend for the WVU v UT game. I was a bit concerned for his next sentence.  I was shocked to hear that he had nothing but love for the WVU fans! They invited him to have a beer, eat some food, and chatted about life.  I’m glad to hear that the fans in Morgantown are better to the visiting teams these days! The man said that the people of West Virginia remembered how welcoming the UT fans were to them the year before in Austin and are mirroring their behaviors when UT visited good ‘ol Motown. Oh Morgantown, I love you!

Other fun tid bits about game day…

* We saw a long horn people could mount and get a photograph on. I didn’t have the heart to do it.  I thought about hopping on but I couldn’t.  The cow looked sad 😦

*I literally own no orange.  I need to buy some.

*The tailgating groups had great names!

* We had a personal port o potty for our spot! How could you not love that!? No lines like WVU heyyyy!



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