Moontower Saloon!

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I recently went to a great establishment call the Moontower Saloon.  It’s located in South Austin.  It was 90% outdoors. The place was packed! The tall trees were wrapped in lights.  There were different mini porches raised to alternative levels all along the sides of the property.  In the center, community picnic tables and cute fire pits filled the space.  The Tom Petty cover band was rockin’ and rollin’ up front. People were dancing. There was even a volleyball court and three sets of washer courts!  I almost forgot that there was a really amazing armadillo you could mount and take a picture on.   I really liked that! Oh and would you be surprised if I said this place was dog friendly and had food trucks on site.  Obviously, This is Austin we’re talking about! The ambiance of the establishment was fantastic.  It’s laid back and fun! I hope I can get back here soon.


DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS HERE…YOU WILL ROLL YOUR ANKLE. YOU ARE WALKING ON THE GRASS ( you also look VERY silly…save those heels for dirty 6th!)


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