A Thanksgiving Post


As Thanksgiving approaches this week, I wanted to talk about family.  Family can be the blood ( Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Ect.) Family can also be created by your own choices ( friends, pets, b/f, g/f.)

My blood related family is a quirky and crazy bunch of Irish folks.  I really couldn’t be happier with my blood line.  We love goofy hats, games, dancing our tails off, and a good beverage at happy hour.  We are blessed to be a part of a loving and fun family.    It will be strange to not be around all of them at my Aunt’s home this Thanksgiving.  I wish I could be there with everyone but i’ll be in Austin and can’t afford to get to New York.

Unfortunatly, not everyone feels the love towards their family for one reason or another.  When this happens, they pick a new group to call their “family.” Their b/f, g/f, pets, and friends create their idea of a family.  Maybe its better if this situation exists but I’m sure a part of them wishes that they felt a better bond with their blood relatives.  Even if their group is created by their own recruitment, the goal is to surround yourself with the people ( and animals) that you love and trust.  That is really that all that matters.

As I conclude this piece, I want to wish my family in New York ( and Jeannie in Flo Rida!) a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I miss you and love you.  I hope your weekend together is full of fun, memories, love, food, and goofy turkey hats.  I may be far from all of you but I have a good Austin family here to take care of my holiday woes away from everyone.  I hope to see you all sooner rather than later.  Come see me in Austin!!! You are more than welcome to visit! I’d love to show you around my new home.




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