The Most Amazing Grocerie Store I’ve Seen…And It’s NOT Wegmans or Whole Foods!

As per my contribution to the Hajewski Household, I make dinner once or twice a week.  I usually go to a H-E-B.  H (HOWARD) E (E) B (BUTTS) is what that stands for if you were wondering.  Google why he is important. Ain’t nobody got time for that right now!  I usually just say I need to go to The H-E-B ( VERY Buffalo) or The Hebie Jebbie  (O.K, I guess that’s also very Buffalo.)

SORRY- I went off on an A.D.D tangent.  Back to the point of this entry…Let’s start over 🙂

I usually go to H-E-B for my groceries but that traffic was CRAY-ZEE ( it was 5 PM after all.) I called my girl , Suri, to help me out.  I asked her where the closest store was…she told me there were a few “fairly close to me.” In .7 miles, I arrived at the most amazing experience, El Rancho.

El Rancho :  Mexican population as Whole Foods: Any contestant on Top Chef or people who just realized they have a “Gluten allergy” ( AKA “i’m trying a new fad diet”…I swear it’s true.)

When you walk in an El Rancho, the first thing you hear is cheery mariachi music.  It’s fun.  You feel happy.  The visuals are bright.  There are murals replicating scenes from Mexico.  Oh…the best part is there are piñatas EVERYWHERE ( and they’re CHEAP…only 9.99!) I may have to remember that for a future event. 

I had to focus on my mission. I needed marinade for my chicken and Spanish rice.  I passed by a lot of different items I’ve never seen in a Whole Foods, Tops, Wegmans, or H-E-B. I didn’t even know what half of the food items were in all the aisles.  One did really gross me out but it probably looked worse than it actually tasted.  One of the bins looked like dried up cat poop (but I assumed it was a pepper of some kind.) There were also HUGE catfish swimming around in a tank that would normally be filled with lobsters in our food stores.  And if you didn’t assume this already, I was the only white girl there. They had to get 4 people to help me.  I tried some Spanish but I did poorly.  I guess its something I have to work on! 

All in all, I really loved my half hour in El Rancho and dammit, I will probably go back! It was awesome ( and VERY inexpensive!) Also, the fajita marinade had an amazing kick of spice.  You wouldn’t find that taste at any Hebbie Gebbie!

Check out my El Rancho Adventure!










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