Santa…I know him!!!

Before entering the establishment, it appears as if it’s just going to be a boring dive bar in a small parking lot plaza (Snooze fest right?)

As I took my first steps inside the bar, I discovered how looks can be very deceiving. This is a fantastic place where they celebrate Christmas all year round. Why am I not surprised it’s in Austin?

It’s called Lala’s. This small hole in the wall bar possesses the magical spirit of Christmas all year round. The jute box plays vintage tunes like Elvis Presley and also carries Christmas classics. The crowd is causal, fun, welcoming, and the patrons ages range from 20 to 70. As we walked in, the old man (who I think was the owner) was moving & grooving with a young twenty something female. The beverages are also strong and inexpensive.







Did I mention they also have dancing elves…YES THEY DO! When a man enters or leaves the restroom, it activated the elves to bounce around in a happy Christmas dance/bounce/drop. I was told there were more dropping elves in the past but I only saw three. It was fun and entertaining regardless! 🙂

In addition to all these selling points, they also repped a Buffalo Bills Pendant! Go Bills! ( Well, maybe next year…) We’re outta the playoff’s again this year. We DEF have the Superbowl win next year though!!! Yeah…So go to Lala’s and celebrate Christmas whenever you need some holiday cheer…even if its in August!



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