The Meaning of Christmas…To me…

Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s filled with family, friends, love, spending time with one another, and giving to others. Even if it’s just a hello, Happy Holidays, or a smile, you are giving to another person.  It may totally cheer up their day.  That is what this season is all about…being good to one another. 

(On a side note – This should be taken into consideration when people go shopping around this time of year. You’d think the customers are the ones having the worst day ever . They seem to forget the sales associate spends half their day being the doormat for every other person in line…go figure.  Life is tough for the holiday consumer.)

But back to the point of the meaning of Christmas…  My holiday season isn’t what who’s who and what’s what of holiday gifts.  It’s about spreading love and spending time with your family & friends.  You need to embody the spirit of Christmas.  There is one particular person I can think of that possesses this trait .  His name is Kenneth and he is a volunteer for the Salvation Army. He rings his bells and sings his whole shift.  When little children walk up to him, he lets them play his bell while he sings.  He really makes everyone that crosses his path so happy.  I cannot think of anyone I’ve come across this season that has brought everyone so much happiness.  It’s really beautiful how one person can really touch so many lives in the cheapest and simplest way possible.  There was no credit card needed for the gift he gave us all through the holiday.  He always said “the smiles are what kept him going everyday.”  I can honestly tell you that he’s perked my days up when  I needed a little pick me up.

See him in action…He’s amazing!!

Although most of my family and friends are far away this year, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This Christmas is going to be a bit difficult and VERY different this season.  Instead of my blood family, I have an Austin family to spend time with on December 25th.   I miss all of you very much and cannot wait to see you in 2014. I miss everyone so much and hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with love and laughs.  I will see you soon! 



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