Finally settling into Austin…IT’S MOVE IN DAY!

This past Friday was move in day! I moved on January 10th!

I know Kasia and Ron were glad to get me out of their house and into a place of my own but I have a feeling there are going to miss me (maybe not a lot. Only a little bit.)  I’d be happy to have some personal space back after another person has been taking up space up for three months too!

I definitely will miss those pups. I got a bit too attached to Boss and Daisy.  I MAY be tempted to adopt a wiener dog myself one day.  I told Ron and Kasia I was packing the Boss with me to my new place.  They weren’t having it.  I’ll keep trying to sneak him out.  He will be mine!!! Look at how cute those guys are !!! { How could I not want to steal them! 🙂  }IMG_3036

Per Usual, move in day felt like a long day of manual labor…which it is.  At least there was a light at the end of the other side of apartment #1004, my own place to rest my head.  Moving the big pieces like the bed, mattress, coffee table, and TV were a bit nerve racking.  Most of it was strapped on a truck.  I had visions ( or nightmares) or my few things I actually own at this point flying off the back of the truck and on to the interstate. Oh the scene on the 35 would be horrendous…cars damaged…my stuff damaged…OYE!


THANKFULLY, that didn’t happen.

Walking into my place despite the piles of stuff just hanging out on top of my mattress and box spring over the living room was such a good feeling.  This space was mine.  It’s my sanctuary.  My stuff.  My place to lay my head.  Now I just had to organize it all.  It took all day and at night but by 7PM I was done with the basic set up.  I even got immature and named my wifi link canttouchthis…Is that weird?

I’m excited for the new start in Austin! Bring it on…I’m not couch surfing and now I can relax in my own space…now all I need is My Dale here with me 🙂

Just leaving it decorated like that! Boxes of appliances IMG_4055 poolside courtyard Relaxin' ... all  done! Welcome home! IMG_4065 My Living Room


One thought on “Finally settling into Austin…IT’S MOVE IN DAY!

  1. Your place looks really wonderful. Perfect size for one person. LOL as you settle into “new beginnings” in you own hacienda.

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