The Transition to Austin…5 Months Later…

It’s been a long 5 months.  It’s been a stressful 5 months.  It’s been a great 5 months.  This has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.  I needed this change so much.

Initially, I thought I’d get squared away in Austin like bees finding a honey comb.  It would be easy peasy…NOPE.


Work was not as easy to find as I originally thought before I got to the State of Texas’ Capital city.  It was plentiful but very competitive.  Like the other 158 people who move to Austin, TX every day, we all want work.  We want it now ( and we want a good job too.) Of course, there are bad jobs in this city.  I had to kick myself in the rear when I fell prey to a Ponzi scheme. The Austin Focus was the worst job I have ever done to date. DONT EVER WORK THERE!  I was happy I was around during the holiday season so Macy’s could assist me with me with my money situation.  The Austin Focus and I were not going to work out.

I know now, that even if it wasn’t as easy as I imagined, I had so much more opportunity than I ever had in The Queen City.  I even interviewed at Dell ( TWICE! )   I did not get the positions but they really helped build my confidence during the grueling interview process at other companies! People responded to my resume ( and it just wasn’t temporary agencies.) They were good jobs!

A lot of my confidence in this new land can also be attributed to the good group of people I’ve surrounded myself with ever since I moved here.  Despite my lows, they always kept my head up and moving forward. They really were a major motivation to me.  In my eyes, they were all doing so well in their careers and I wanted to follow suit so I could afford all the fun stuff Austin has to offer! They are all so ambitious and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.  They kept me shooting for those Texas Stars!  When confidence lacked, I heard , ” Oh stop worrying and be confident.  You’ll do great!”

I finally got the job situation covered, and I can attribute that to myself and the other motivating people that gave me confidence. I was hard to stay positive sometimes but I got through it.   I’m out of the brush and walking on a clear path now.  It took longer than expected, but I got a position all on my own ( that i’m SO excited about )and I’m DAMN proud of it.  When you work your tail off for something, you don’t expect to lose.  I was NOT going to those that opportunity.


 Making and forming new friendships is never as easy as anyone likes to think.  It’s actually terrifying.  As sad as I was to not have my core group anymore, I had to press on and make new friends in my new city.   I do want to give a shout out to my group back in Buffalo. I will always have them in my life! Their “good eggs” ( sometimes wild eggs!) and we really had the best last summer I could ever imagine.  I miss them every day. I can’t wait to show them Austin.

But back to the point of making new friends, I really needed to expand beyond my Buffalo Ex-Pats group that I already knew.  I met most of the new people through my current friends but they’re all really great. Initial meetings of these people is now becoming more frequent. We’re Facebook friends at this point! I’m even invited to birthday parties now! This is a big deal!   I’m really happy these new people are accepting me into their lives.


This actually was never a stressor at all. I love being warmer! I was freezing. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I completely avoided the polar vortex.  It looks like it is completely terrible and miserable.  I’m sorry everyone is dealing with it up north but like Joey Gladstone once said,  I had to “CUT IT OUT!” Northerners, I still have my futon available if anyone needs a place to rest during your artic freeze.


I honestly don’t know how individuals couch surf all the time. I wish I could have gotten a place of my own months before January 10th. There was a lack of money involved at the time so it took much longer than I wanted.  By month 4, I needed my own spot.  Oh thank you one bedroom wonder for saving me! I love my own personal space. I’m sure I saved some of my friends sanity as well.  Ron got his music room back and Kasia got her clutter free home again.  I love my space and it was worth it to live alone.  The apartment also solidifies that I’m going to stay in Austin. I’m going to prosper. I’m going to be successful in this town.  That feels amazing.

SO FIVE MONTHS LATER ( AND DESPITE THE STRUGGLES,) I’M DOING GREAT! I still remember the people who thought I was crazy, to move half way across the country ( and in TEXAS no less.) I did it…and I love it here.


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