The Reasons Why Start Up Companies Are the Place to be Employed

Tomorrow, I am going the SpareFoot ACE open house, as an employee.  It’s bizarre to think that only a few months ago, I was on the other end of the spectrum.  I can remember going to this event in January as a mere job hopeful.  I was so excited when I made the cut to get into the open house.  This was my chance to shine.  I’m not going to lie though, I was terrified. I had to battle it out with 80 other hopefuls who were wanting just as much as I did.

The nerves were high that night as I stepped into the room.  The upstairs loft in DT Austin was filled with people.  They all were working hard to land an interview with this company.  It was exciting, over whelming, scary, motivating, and so damn hot ( no, seriously, it was steamy up there!!!) Before I knew it, the open house was over and my fate was in the hands of the ACE team.  Fast forward a month or so…and here I am.  I am officially employed by this company that I worked so hard to get and wanted so badly.  Everyone wanted a chance to be in this great company and I was one of the lucky few.  I couldn’t be more grateful, happy, and proud of myself!  The world of start up companies seems to be something that excites the millenials of today, myself included. Many people want to be much like Ariel, ” a part of their world.”

But why is this so? Why is SpareFoot and other startups so en vogue these days?  I’ll tell you why…

1- The Non- Corporate Culture:

These are not the Dells and IMB’s of the world. The atmosphere is incredible! The office looks, feels, and is fun. It will never be cubical city.  It’s open.  It’s fresh! There are actually two bigfoot statues on one of the main work tables.  They wear hats.  it’s very silly, but they make me laugh every time I see them.  Need a break? Play some ping pong upstairs, foosball, or bust out a game of shuffleboard.  There is even an amazing rule that you can bring your pup to work as long as you consult the calendar to ensure no other dogs are going to be visiting that day.  These quirky personal touches are something that I really love.  The office’s personality really shines!

2- The People Employed Here:

These people who work at start ups really have it all.  They are smart, passionate, driven, and FUN individuals.  They can also party like rockstars when they’ve kicked ass at the office all day. ( It’s also great when you actually like to see your co-workers after work. ) The start ups really want you to be yourself and encourage you to not be a just Employee # 230 at the office.  Also, people who work at start ups are mostly young people. But if they’re not young, they are young at heart! The energy of everyone together is electric. Even the owners of most starts ups are young.  It’s inspiring to work at a company with such a great vision from people who are all about our age, if not younger. It makes you want to work hard and push farther into your professional career.

3- The CEO’s and Higher Ups of the Company are Accessible to All Employees:

You see these people everyday.  They say hi to you in the hallway.  The know your boyfriend’s name, your dog’s name, and they especially know YOU.  They care about everyone who is employed in their company.  The CEO of many startups will be available to all employees.  You have an issue?  You can discuss that with them.  This wouldn’t happen if you worked at Macy’s or any other big corporation. Good luck even getting an email back from them! It’s nice to know that they know who you are and how you contribute to their brand. Any given day at lunch, you could be sitting with a customer service rep, CEO, development team member, and the CFO.  This is possible when you work at a start up. It’s pretty cool.

4-You Contribute to the Growth of the Company ( In a Big Way.) :

Apple is already huge and successful. Comcast is already a conglomerate.  Start ups are filled with people who dream big and work hard to make the company so it can be the best.  They have to prove to the world that they are a force to compete with in the big business sector.  Because they have a lot to prove, the employees at the company want to work hard to make the company the best it can possibly be everyday.  When a goal is reached, they are part of the reason for the next golden step up toward success( whatever the company defines that as!)  People here at SpareFoot love to be at the office and will ryde or die to keep this one of the best places to work in Central TX. Even if it means working on a day off, they are willing to do it for the company because they want the company to succeed as much as the owners do.

5-Versatility in your Work-

I may play a major role on the Customer Service team but I have other opportunities to do more than what I was hired for in February.  Doing more than one role is highly encouraged here! I’d never get an opportunity to do more than what I was hired for in a Fortune 500 job. On top of my role, I can pick different areas to work if I so choose.  If I wanted to work in the client relations department, I could get involved in that.  If I really love training, I could ask if I could learn to be trainer for new hires.  If recruiting was interesting to me, I could get involved with that as well.  The options almost endless ( you just can’t have the CEO’s job.)  Adding to your list of responsibilities helps you grow as a person and helps you grow the company.  You may even find something you are incredibly passionate about because you expanded your job roles! It’s wonderful you can contribute so much to the place you work. It can open doors inside the organization for you. You are gaining great experience in the work world! It makes you a more well rounded and knowledgeable employee. I think that really exciting.

As I conclude this article, I am so grateful for my opportunity to work at that amazing company.  This may be something like my dream job.  I get a fun atmosphere filled with great co-workers & rewarding work while getting paid.  If you told me 6 months ago that I would be working for this company, living this life, I’d laugh in your face.  I couldn’t even imagine it.  Despite my struggles adjusting to Austin, it has been completely worth the stress, tears, and fears ( ha-get the joke?! ) I cannot wait to work hard ( and play harder) for SpareFoot. I’m finally really starting to make my footprint visable in this wonderful city of Austin, Texas.

Buffalo, NY…I am never coming back to you.  It’s amazing here.  Plus, you’re too cold.


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