Festival People…

With ACL around the bend, I started to think about the different people you see a festival.  With the over 70,000 people that are about to embark on Zilker in the next 2 weeks, I wanted to give you the low down about some of characters and personalities you may run into…

The Lovers:

TLC Virgin Diaries Wedding Gif Kiss

I know you’ve seen ‘em.  Whether it’s a fast paced up tempo band or a slow jam, these two can’t keep their hand off each other.  Usually they place themselves in the middle of the crowded group actually trying to watch the show.  They will make out for minutes at a time.  Watch out for the flying saliva and their grabby hands!

The Over-did-it guy/girl:

They came to party HARD like Andrew W.K. and boy did they rage on into the day! They partied so much that you notice them wandering around in a drunken stuper.  They look pretty dirty because they probably toppled over at some point during the day into the dirt. They miss the bands they wanted to see all day becasuse they chugged too many 13 dollars beers. They eventually end up passed out on in a random patch of grass.  Earlier in the day, you over heard them screaming, “pearl jammmm is soon…YESSSS!”  Welp, obviously that’s not going to happen.

The Bragger:

They’ve seen every show of all the bands before they hit the trendy festival circuit.  They go to all the after shows and have traveled to at least 7 festivals alone this summer.  You can identify then by their incessant bragging about how they saw them “before they were big” and their 10 wristbands from previous festivals from the year.  The wristbands look dirty and all you want to do is cut them off.  A very possible sentence out of their mouth sounds something like…” oh I saw (insert band name here) at (insert festival name here) and they were SO much better than right now!”

The Parent-Child Group:

The Family Affair

This is an interesting combo.  While I admire their idea to expose their children to quality music, a festival is probably not the safest place for kids under the age of 10.  When I go to festivals, I see a lot of people under the influence, lack of shady/cool areas, extremely loud noises, and I’m afraid they’re going to get lost in a sea of people!!! It’s not well suited for small kids. They always look like they are having fun but I would have probably opted for the babysitter option.

The Schedule Nazi:

I am guilty of this.  I love festivals because I can organize my days by all the bands I want to see at specific times.  I think it’s amazing.  We are the people constantly checking the times and trying to figure what time is the best time to go check out Lana so we don’t get trapped all the way in the back! Yes, we’re annoying., but you need us.  In the organized mess of the festival, you need one person like this to keep people on track!

The Fashionista:

They are trendy and look pretty flawless for an outdoor show all day.  They usually rocking crop tops, high-waist jeans, floral crowns, neon, rocking the boho style, and midi-boots.  They look like they are ready for their close-up with the photographers or working on their fashion blogs. They travel in packs and love takings pics.  You can also ALWAYS trust them to take a good picture of you.  They are pros.

The Tall Person:

I’m sorry tall people.  I don’t mean to pick on you.  It’s not your fault you are so tall and I’m so short.  I always get trapped behind you and I can never see.  I’ll always be jealous that you never have anyone blocking your view.

The Concert Photographer:

They always get the best views of the show.  They got in for free.  AND …They get to skip the major crowds and get up close and personal with your favorite bands. They never get shoved and tossed like a rag doll.  I’m jealous of you concert photogs. You are the chosen ones! Oh, you are so lucky!!!

The Weed Guy:

(If you DO NOT like to smoke, he is NOT your cup to tea.)  In my opinion, this person isn’t the worst person to be next to in a crowd if you want a puff puff pass.  If you become show friends for that brief hour, you’ll find he’s probably laid back, into the organic lifestyle, most likely friendly, and he just might offer you a bit of his stuff.  These people are cool in my book.



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