Why are Music Festivals so Popular?

This past weekend, I went to ACL.  Before I start getting into depth about this wonderful event, you may be asking, “What is ACL?”

ACL stands for Austin City Limits.  It’s a festival held in Zilker Park in Austin, TX.  The festival was inspired by the popular PBS series also called by the same name.  If there were no ACL Live, there would be no ACL festival.  The festival began in 2002. It’s a great time and you should definitely try to attend it one year. Like Christmas, ACL takes forever to get here and is over like a flash in a pan.  The weekend was so amazing. There were a lot of Buffalo friends in town and we all had a ball.  As I was there, listening to all the great music, I thought about what makes music festivals so popular.  Why are people drawn to them like moths to a flame?  What makes 75,000 people want to hang out with each other in a muddy field?

All the Music for the AMAZING Price-tag:  

inglorious basterds damn good deal gif Imgur brad pitt

This is the obvious reason.  Where else can you see OutKast, Lana Del Rey, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Icona Pop, Iggy Azelia, Foster the People, The Replacements, Fitz and the Tantrums, and many more for the mere price of $220 over three days?  It’s a great deal.  SO much bang for your buck.

All the Feels:  

I’m going to start pouring on the cheese now.  The first day of any festival you stroll through those gates with this incredibly happy feeling of bliss and euphoria.  It’s like your floating on clouds.  Music makes people feel alive.  Music makes people escape their worries.  Music makes people happy! Watching you favorite band perform your favorite song is so powerful and really can bring out an emotional response.  You can’t describe the feeling you get but when it hits you, there is nothing like it.  The fact that you can do this for 2 or three days is such a wonderful break from reality.

Music is Universal & Unites Everyone: 

OutKast said something SO perfect on Friday night. Andres 3000 said, “we don’t make music for just black people.  We just don’t make music for white people.  We don’t just make music for Hispanic people…We make music for everybody.”  After that moment, he went into the song, “The Whole World.”  Festivals give an outlet for all different types of people to come together and unit on the common bond of loving music.  As you look around any festival, you’ll see every demographic and race.  It’s really a beautiful thing to see all these different types of people coming together and enjoying each other company because they love the same music.  Music is a beautiful and universal language. Everyone understands it.

As long as I am alive, I will love festivals.  If you need to find me at one of these in my old age , I’ll be in the seating only zone with my fold up chair.  I may not be able to be in the front row, but I will enjoy the music from afar!

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